The Lincoln Land Carnival Glass Club is an Illinois-Wisconsin based not-for-profit social organization registered in the State of Illinois. Our club began on April 22, 1972 in DeKalb, Illinois through the efforts of Mrs. Gladys Casey. Punch was actually served in a Marigold Grape and Cable punch bowl belonging to Lillian Hogan. It was at this meeting, the founding members listened to a recording from Rovene Heaton, Secretary of ICGA wishing them good luck on their new organization. Thirty-five members attended the first meeting. Gladys became the first President and Mavis Loescher became Vice-President.

Among its many purposes is to promote the interest in the heritage of carnival glass by encouraging learning, understanding, and fellowship amongst the members of the club. We encourage new discoveries and recruit new members to enjoy the history, gain experience, and support the policies of our by-laws and elected officers.

Our club publishes a Quarterly newsletter that covers many topics relevant to our hobby of Carnival Glass. The Issue dates are the months of March, June, September and December. Members are allowed to advertise items of glass "For Sale" and up to 10 "Wanted" items every issue. There is no charge for this service.

Members are asked and encouraged to write articles about their collections and experience with Carnival Glass. These are meant to improve the education of all members, to make them better collectors, and to promote the camaraderie among members.

Lincoln Land holds an annual convention, PDF of Convention Information (Below), in August when our membership comes together from all over the country as well as Canada and overseas. We enjoy several features during this yearly get together. There are educational seminars, one of which a featured speaker will address the annual membership's business meeting. There is an open hospitality room for refreshment, food, and friendly conversations. Many members bring glass to sell while attending the convention. This is a great way of finding pieces to enhance your collections while learning from some of the best collectors in the club. Members are encourage to set up room displays, often going along with a theme for particular conventions. Prizes are given out for the best displays, along with other fun events like bingo, and room attendance.

The Banquet at each convention gives us a time to enjoy each other over a delicious meal as catered by the hotel. Auctions of donated pieces of glass benefit the clubs treasury during the banquet.

Of course, one of the most important parts of the Convention is the auction. Each auction is presented by one of the best Carnival Glass auctioneers in the country. It is a great time to bid and hopefully buy those pieces that you have always wanted. The auctions often are the collections of life-long collectors and are excellent examples of the "Best of the best" in Carnival Glass. Many times it is stated that we are not the owners of the glass, we are only the temporary "Guardians" of the glass for many others to come. The auction is the place that we see that "Guardianship" passed on to others.

The Convention is held in Brookfield, Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee. Quarterly meetings are normally held in members homes so that the hosts and hostesses can show their collections to other members. Each member is urged to bring pieces of interest to enjoy.

We welcome both current and new members to attend all the clubs functions to develop the friendships that set us apart from other clubs.

Becoming a member is easy. Just click on "MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION"(BELOW) to download a membership application. Send that along with your first year dues to the address on the application and you will immediately be part of a great organization that places you at the focus of importance.

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